The First Day – Part 1

I arrived early Tuesday morning, the plane landing around 4:40 AM and us out the gates around 5:30 or so. The driver sent to pick me up wasn’t going to get there until about 6:30, so there was a little waiting time where I made my first purchase (water, needed badly!) and fully enjoyed the free wireless available throughout the Incheon airport.

All my bags are blue!

Finally found the driver a little after the appointed time, and he took me straight to my apartment in Seoul (after a little run-in with Korean traffic and some fun but slightly stilted conversations!). The nice man carried my two heavy bags up the small flight of stairs and left me with the code and key. It’s a pretty cute and spacious place for a single in Seoul!

This is the "Before"... still working on the "After."

Shower Korean-style! Sink, toilet and shower head cozily co-exist.

After looking around a bit, I headed out to find the subway station to find the Fulbright Office for my 10 AM settling-in appointment. The next four hours are so would be aptly titled “getting lost.”

So happy to finally find this building!

So I got a little lost getting there, then I got a little lost after taking the subway back to the apartment. I forgot to take note of what subway exit I used to enter, and 합정역/Hapjeong Station happens to have a very long and slightly confusing interior since it’s the intersection of two subway lines. I tried a bunch of the very-far-from-each-other exits… and when I was pretty sure I found the right one, there was another round of trying to find the apartment. Unfortunately, our building has no sign so I kept walking back and forth on the same block trying to find the right building (and feeling so sure that my apartment building wasn’t the one at the creepy dead end – oh I shoud’ve gotten a better grasp of my bearings). Maybe I should’ve scheduled the settling-in appointment a little later…


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