Etsy Update: Earrings, earrings, earrings

Case of the missing cell phone and sickly sinus pains do not for a fun Friday make.

But life gives you lemons, you make lemon bars, or sommit, right? :)
(I wish we got lemons! Our backyard features limes. Suspiciously lemon-looking limes…)

I took the stay-at-home opportunity to these post new products on Etsy:



I keep getting distracted making other things, especially necklaces, but I originally wanted my shop to be a place for non-pierced earring lovers. I personally love wearing earrings, and I think they can change your whole look since they are right next to your face.

But in my commitment-phobe phase, I’ve never made the leap to actually getting the holes put through my ears (minus a pre-adolescent attempt shot to the ground by the traditional father). Friends of mine feel similarly about the lobe scars, or have keloids problems. And I know there are plenty of kids still who are also considered too young by their parents to get their ears pierced.

And so the case is made for clip-on earrings! The only problem is, they tend to look so clunky and tacky. At least they have in the past.

Eek. Not saying these aren't make a comeback, but hard to make into an everyday look. And how about when you want some nice dangly earrings?

Luckily, technology extends well beyond microchip gadgets, and there are lots of new alternatives for the non-pierced nowadays. My favorite so far are the spring hoops, which have little retractable segments for your ear. They automatically spring back to rest firmly against your skin and appear very realistic:

Friends in the past bought me a few earrings with this option, and I wore them a all the time. Since then I’ve converted a lot of earrings I’ve bought by detaching them and connecting them to spring hoop findings. Super easy and fun.

Anyway, I’ve got to stay focused and make some earings for regular pierced earring findings as well. I just wish posting items on to Etsy didn’t take so long! Will have to take a look at etsyhack for templates.


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