[SiC] My Five Finds of the Day

In my job, I get to come across a number of pretty cool things (since I basically crawl the internet for anything visually appealing). I’m the kind of person who will click on anything and everything I like. At home, I’m like an invasive species with traces of my trail in every room. At work, I very quickly fall down the internet rabbit wormhole and accumulate three windows with 50 tabs apiece.

The one that started things off: funny girl Kris Atomic.

But I can’t help it! So many incredible things are connected together, and I just have to know what all of them are. So here I am to share my bounty, a small list of five internet-accessible treats:

  1. An Exquisite Beast by Emory Allen – every image connects! 365 days of small illustrations that link from one day to the next. Inspires me to do at least a little bit of drawing every day.
  2. Sarah and the Seed by Ryan Andrews – apparently has been making the rounds on the internet, but I just read it today. Such beautiful execution for a heartwarming, Dahl-esque tale.
  3. Hello, this is food by Kyle Fewell – an illustration tumblr that will spark your imagination’s appetite. All kinds of fun and wonderful.
  4. Solo by Lizzy Stewart – adorable, charming & entertaining diary comic snapshots of Londonite illustrator Lizzy Stewart. Here’s an excerpt: “Some lovely Camberwell students gave me chocolates after they interviewed me for a project. The chocolates were not long for this world, alas.”
  5. And all the above were found via the delightful blog of entertaining & talented illustrator / photographer / whatnot, Miss Kris Atomic.

Hope you all enjoy the discovery as much as I did!


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