The Super Bowl Takes That Long?

Wow. I never realized.

I just wanted to know when it was supposed to end, and someone on a Yahoo Ask question had posted:

It will be Televised on FOX
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Superbowl pre game will start 2:00 PM

Granted this was last year, but I’m guessing the schedule is roughly the same. The Super Bowl truly is a whole day event, especially for those on the East Coast. I never knew…

But then, I guess I’ve never seen the Super Bowl in my life.


Etsy Update: Earrings, earrings, earrings

Case of the missing cell phone and sickly sinus pains do not for a fun Friday make.

But life gives you lemons, you make lemon bars, or sommit, right? :)
(I wish we got lemons! Our backyard features limes. Suspiciously lemon-looking limes…)

I took the stay-at-home opportunity to these post new products on Etsy:




Begone, Pink Slime!

Yay!, so glad that McDonald’s has made a public announcement about removing “pink slime” from their meat processing.

I found Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show really interesting, watching the first few episodes Hulu, and was sad to find out that the Los Angeles season got cut off after the first few episodes. I think it’s great, and direly needed, to know more of what goes on in the food production and processing system in America. It’s such a complex and dispersed network that it’s naturally all too easy for very important, and potentially harmful, information to never come to light.

Anyway, no more ammonium hydroxide in already last-resort meat!

In response to: McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.

Wish we could’ve had a Green Party…

The Obama administration, meanwhile, issued a statement of congratulations to Mr. Ma, saying “Cross-strait peace, stability and improved relations, in an environment free from intimidation, are of profound importance to the United States.”

From NYTimes, emphasis added.

Where does the American government get that from?! That is a straight lie. It still really rattles me that the Chinese government prohibited Taiwan from participating in research and access of information when SARS broke out. (, NYTimes)

And if that isn’t unreasonable, hostile behavior, surely having at least 1500 bombs pointed at a tiny island off the coast must count as some form of intimidation.

Pixel Proportions

A useful tool for anyone else who needs to adjust their image size when evil wordpress won’t automatically do it for them: The Proportional Scaler.

Thank you, scriptygoddess.

On the job hunt, on the life hunt

Have recently been applying to jobs, and in the process, scrambling to understand what that means in a greater yet practical sense. Such as, how much do I need to earn to take care of myself, bare minimum, and what does that mean in different places, or by the hour?

To share some great resources I’ve found:

  • The Living Wage Calculator – Gives a detailed breakdown of how much you need to make to stay afloat by geographical USA region. Details out estimates for food, transportation, housing, etc., and also includes categories according to number of people in the household, such as one adult or single adult with one child. Courtesy of Dr. Amy Glasmeier, Pennsylvania State University.
  • The Salary Calculator – Originally a UK site, there are different calculators that allow you to see how much you’re making annually according to your hourly wage. Or, if you want to work it backwords, how much someone is valuing your hours according to your annual pay and time put in.

These two sites have given me a solid way to brace myself for future job prospects and make the whole “independent livnig” thing a little more approachable, a little less intimidating.

People make life so complicated, you forget how simple it can be.

On a side note, I’ve been looking at job openings in media, specifically book publishing, and found this useful post sharing tips from a Random House Human Resources representative. The post is from a university blog dedicated to the M.S. program for publishing. Sigh, so much for the days when you weren’t at all expected to need an advanced degree for a trade career.

Edit: Adding another useful link to PublishingTrendsetter‘s post on cover letters.

Just a thought…

The taste of egg yolk is heavenly.

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